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The original idea for this trip was a flight to New Brunswick to see my Dad's family for about two weeks. But the idea has evolved into a five week road trip with limited resources and a lot of fun. Call it the "Toner Family Experiment" if you will. Or call it an adventure.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spaghetti Sauce Instead of Grapefruit!

No, I'm not Daniel Cook. I'm Hannah Toner. And we're back in Ottawa!
It was an amazing AMAZING time back in Grand Falls :')
As you may know, I spent last summer in Grand Falls, and it was great to go back. I got to finally meet my NEW BABY COUSIN JAMES!! He is the sweetest, most wonderful baby ever :') :')
I also had 2 sleepovers with my AMAZING cousin Gabby. We stayed up all night talking, watching Youtube videos, laughing, digging up all of our old Bratz dolls from the basement, taking cheesy magazine quizzes, looking at all sorts of Beatles stuff, singing songs, dancing, packing, and watching Big Bang Theory. I missed her SO MUCH!
Infact, I missed all of my relatives. I missed Memere's hugs and welcoming spirit. I missed swimming and talking with Pepere. I missed my feisty Auntie Liz with her wise words and pretty smiles. I missed my crazy Uncle Peter and his Kung Foo moves. I missed Auntie Colleen with her Beatlemania and long talks. And now I am going to miss Sweet Baby James!
:') Phew...so sentimental!
Alright, so we mostly hung out, but we also went to Cap-Pele, a charming Acadian fishing community with pretty little beaches and warm water. We stayed in a little cabin for my parents anniversary and went snorkeling, swimming, and ate lots of lobster. PARADISE!
We drove to Ottawa today, leaving with tears and soo mannyy huugggss. We drove to Ottawa today, through Quebec City and Montreal. SO MANY CRAZY DRIVERS!! And now we're back at Auntie Eden's! We'll be here tomorrow, and then we'll be heading back home! I can't wait!
Alright, see ya!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

True Friends Know Everything About You...And Like You Anyway

Hello, everyone! Sorry about the wait for an update. I've had countless connection, internet, camera, battery problems that have prevented me from writing. But I've solved the problems now and it's time to update!
Since the last time I wrote, I left Ottawa (will be back soon!) and drove to beautiful Quebec City! Despite the feeling of stupidity that lingered around my head because I can't speak French, it was an amazing city. We hit the market and got some food, then wet back to our hotel, ate, and watched X-Men: First Class. I am such a nerd...
The next morning we toured the city. You can see pictures of that later. We saw famous battlefeilds and architecture and all kinds of things.
Then, we drove here, to Grand Falls NB! This is where I spent last summer, and it feels like home. I don't know if this is where I want to spend my life. But it very well could be. It's so nice here.

 The road in front of my Grandparents house. Yes, they live right next to a grave yard. Halloween is a busy time of year for them.
 Other side of the road.

 Memere's garden

 My brother, learning to golf!!

My brother's new toy. Here it is mid-spin. I think it kind of looks like a Portal turret.

 Entering Quebec

 Entering NB
 The University my Grandfather went to in Quebec City!

 Gardens at the Battlefeild memorial

 The Battlefield where the English finally avenged the French!
 Nathaniel shooting down the English!

 Quebec City
 This is where General Wolfe died.
 There were statues everywhere! Lots of art

 Store below, apartment above! It's been that way since the 1800s!

 Horse drawn carriages were all around, everywhere we went!
 The great walls of Quebec City! Walls surround all of Old Quebec, and they're still holding up fine after hundreds of years.

 Sadly, we went to lots of places in Ottawa where I couldn't take pictures. We went to Mosaika, a show broadcasted on the face of the parliament buildings. Also to the museum of Civilization, featuring a Japan exhibit (Which had a manga display that featured Vampire Knight!!! So so SOO epic!)
We also went to the Ottawa National Art Gallery, where I got to see up-close some amazing artwork by Picasso, Van Gogh, MC Escher, Klimt, Rubins, and more! Quite amazing. :)
Today, I'm visiting Magic Mountain, and my new baby cousin James!! I'm super excited! But I find the need to compare Magic Mountain with Mount Splashmore, Simpsons Season 2 "Brush With Greatness"
(Croon along with Krusty)
And the Simpsons fanatic inside me has AWOKEN!
So I have to go.